About Staged With Style

At Staged With Style, we truly want to help you sell your house by creating warm, inviting spaces that appeal to all potential buyers so that you can get your house sold as soon as possible for the most amount of money possible, and let you get on to the next chapter of your life!  

What is home staging?

  • Home staging is the act of preparing a property for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.

What is the difference between home staging and home  decorating?

  • Unlike decorating, staging your home isn't about your personal style — it's about creating an appeal for buyers. Selling your home means selling a lifestyle, but not necessarily your own. In home staging, you're striving for a look that is fresh and welcoming yet not really taste specific, so that people with different tastes can feel that they can make the home their own.

What is the process of home staging?

  • First a professional stager tours your property, inside and out, looking at flow, colour and each room's purpose.  Recommendations are given on what needs to be done, taking into consideration budget, timeline and best return on investment.

  • Next the homeowner follows through with the agreed upon recommendations so that the showcasing of the property may take place. 

  • The final setp is showcasing.  This is when the stager comes back and showcases the property's best features by creating a series of first impressions so that buyers can connect emotionally to the space & as a result are able to visualize living there.  

What does it cost?

  • An initial 2 hour consultation for a property 1800 sq ft or less with detailed written recommendations will cost $200*.  Consultations for properties over 1800 sq ft will most likely take more time so price will be TBD.  After that the cost varies, depending on the size and condition of the property and what has to be done.. No matter how much you invest in staging your property, remember that it will always be less than a first price reduction if the property sits on the market.

*subject to hst

About Gail

My name is Gail Watson and I've always had a passion for home decor. For the past 35 years I've held various administrative positions such as admin assistant, project manager, fundraising coordinator and most recently as a part time receptionist at a physiotherapy clinic.  What does any of that have to do with home staging you may ask...not a thing! However when the phsiotherapy clinic I was working at closed, I decided that it was high time I take my passion and turn it into a career!  So I thought why not combine my organizational skills, my high attention to detail and my desire to help people with my love for home decor and become a home stager! I completed a Home Staging course at Algonquin College then went on to get my certification with Canadian Certified Staging Professionals, where I learned so much and got to stage a property with my fellow students - I was hooked!