Simply Succulent

Well now that the weather has warmed up a bit, the sun is shining and the tulips are in bloom, it seems Spring has finally decided to stick around for a while! With that brings thoughts of gardening. Recently I have developed a love of succulents. Every year garden centres have more and more succulent selections, so I guess I'm not the only one enamoured by these beautiful plants. Why do I like succulents so much? Here are my top reasons...

  • Succulents can grow in the ground or in containers, with very little soil, making them great for backyards and balconies alike

  • There are hundreds of varieties of succulents with different shapes, sizes, and colours, some with beautiful flowers

  • Some succulents, such as Aloe, have healing properties

  • Succulents are persistent and can live in very harsh conditions (think Arizona!)

  • Succulents require very little water to survive since they have a very high moisture content

If you've never grown succulents before, I hope you'll give them a chance this season. Small containers can be brought indoors for the winter as well, so you can enjoy them all year round!

And since my job is to help people sell their houses, I can't leave without mentioning that I think succulents would be a great option for people selling at this time of year. A beautiful pot of mixed succulents at the front door will draw people in, and because of their ease of maintenance, just a bit of water every week or so, the succulents will look beautiful with very little effort. Other types of plants require a lot of maintenance (deadheading, pruning, lots of watering) and can easily look bedraggled with just a little neglect, not something potential buyers will want to see!

Here's a link to instructions on how to plant a succulent container...enjoy!

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