Hot, hot, hot!!

The real estate market is hot, hot, hot right now! I have noticed while looking at MLS listing pictures that a lot of sellers aren't bothering to have their houses professionally staged before listing...after all their houses are going to sell pretty fast right? Yes, if your house connects early with buyers it will sell quickly. BUT, would you like to get more money for your house than you hoped you could? Believe it or not, in a seller’s market Home Staging could mean the difference between an offer and a bidding war!

The goal of home staging is to clearly define the space and create an emotional connection to the highest number of potential buyers, resulting in quicker, higher quality and possibly more offers. A professionally trained home stager can help to identify hidden value in your house by showcasing the best features of the home through necessary updates and repairs, proper furnishings, furniture arrangement, and accessorizing.

If you’re selling a vacant house in a seller’s market, it is especially important to have key spaces professionally staged - entryway, living/family room, kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and bathrooms. This creates a great first impression (which is crucial since it takes buyers just seconds to form an opinion of the house upon entry), and also allows buyers to see the scale and visualize how the space can be used.

More and more people are jumping into the hot market and listing their houses, so you will have competition. But you want YOUR house to stand out! A professional home stager will provide practical and creative solutions for showcasing your home, resulting in higher quality and possibly more offers. Investing in home staging maximizes your ROI (return on investment), even in a seller’s market!

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