Falling For Your House

Well, the temperature this morning tells me Fall is upon us! So what better time to think about decorating your house for Fall...for selling or for dwelling! If you’re selling, home staging is extremely important as always; if you’re staying put, moving indoors after spending long days and evenings outside will be easier to handle if you have a cozy, inviting home to come into. So, here are a few of my favourite property styling tips for Fall!

Maintain the yard - Curb appeal is always important! Rake the leaves, trim the hedges and bushes, plant some mums or asters for Fall colour. Add a simple Fall wreath, a big pot of mums or few pumpkins at the front door, and voila, you're done!

Light it up – Days are getting much shorter, nights are getting much longer, so make sure your outdoor space is well lit. If you're selling, potential buyers will often be coming to view your property in the dark, so they need to find their way to your front door! Remember to turn all the lights on inside, and if you have a fireplace turn it on before a showing, Friends and family know where your front door is, but walking up a lit path is much more inviting (and safer) than walking up a dark path!

Keep the decor simple – It's tempting to over decorate for Thanksgiving and Halloween, but too much ‘stuff’ is distracting, so keep it simple. When selling, a few pumpkins are lovely but witches and goblins are not a good idea! Keep the seasonal decor in specific areas, rather than sprinkling it throughout the house. Decorate with natural items…fall flowers, bowls of fresh apples or mini pumpkins, glass vases filled with nuts or gourds, sticks or berry branches in a vase, and don't forget candles!

Add pillows and throws – Pillows and throws make a room feel very cozy and inviting, especially in the cooler months. Furry pillows and throws add texture, pillows with Fall-like colours will add a pop of colour to warm up the space.

Scent* – The general rule when selling is to have a scent free house, but there seems to be a growing consensus that an exception to that rule can be made in the Fall. Scents are tied to emotion and Fall scents conjure up memories of fun family activities like apple picking, jumping in the leaves, baking pumpkin pies and other goodies…when potential buyers feel this emotion, they make a connection...and in no time at all they will be 'falling for your house'!

*For a citrusy spice scent try diffusing this essential oil blend: 4 drops sweet orange oil, 2 drops cinnamon oil, 1 drop clove oil.

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