Selling in the Summer

Getting your house ready to sell in the summer requires a little more work than it does at other times, since potential buyers will be viewing your whole property in the summer, not just looking at your front entryway. Here are a few key points for staging a home for sale in the summer months.


  • First things first, make sure your house number is clearly visible from the street …potential buyers need to find their way! Updating the exterior light fixture is an inexpensive way to make potential buyers feel welcome and make sure that the number on your house is clearly visible.

  • Welcome potential buyers to your front door by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Sticking to traditional black, deep brown, dark grey or dark blue are good choices. Purchase a new welcome mat to make your house seem much more approachable,

  • Add some colour around the front door with flowers. Just hanging a couple of baskets or putting a large planter beside the front door will do the trick without having to spend a lot of time or effort.


  • Mow the lawn, trim hedges and shrubs and deadhead flowers. Clean up and weed any gardens. Keep the property in tip top shape until the house is sold, since potential buyers may be driving or walking by at anytime!

  • After you’ve got the outside of your home in tip top shape, concentrate on the inside. Place a small rug inside the front door to make potential buyers feel welcome. Make sure that it is machine washable so that you will be able to keep it clean easily.

  • Clean all the windows inside and out to make your home looks as clean and bright as possible.

  • Add fresh flowers and other summery accents. Coloured towels in the bathrooms and kitchen and bright pillows in the family room and bedrooms are perfect for summer staging.


  • Having an outdoor living space makes the square footage of the house seem larger, so bring people’s attention to that space by staging your patio or deck.

  • Make sure your patio furniture is clean and neat. Give your metal or wicker sets a fresh coat of paint and invest in new cushions if necessary. Add a few colourful accessories and some summery toss cushions.

  • If you have landscape lighting,make sure it’s working…if you don’t, invest in a few battery operated lights to place stragetically around the backyard.

  • And, if you have a pool make sure it is spotless and looks inviting…no debris or toys floating around! Put out a couple of planters, and set up some deck chairs and a small table and chairs around the pool area.

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